inDepth Candidate Interviews

inDepth Candidate Interviews give physician recruiters exclusive access to candidate information collected by the PracticeLink team.

Learning the personal details of candidates before you call saves you time and effort

Find out the personal insights into a physician’s career and family needs—before you make your first call. Think of all the time you’ll save by contacting only the candidates for whom your opportunities are a match. inDepth Candidate Interviews are the must-have complement to your PracticeLink Online account!

  • Constantly updated database   Our experienced physician relations team adds more than 100 inDepth Candidate Interviews to the PracticeLink database each week!
  • Instant gratification   You’ll get immediate access to the more than 5,000 interviews in the database, which might include the candidate you’re considering!
  • Daily updates   With daily email alerts of the new inDepth Candidate Interviews added to the system, you’ll never miss a great candidate match.
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