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Known for excellence in all cardiac specialties, Prairie Cardiovascular's physicians and staff have been serving the heart and vascular care needs of central and southern Illinois residents for over 40 years. We are pleased to be recognized as the provider of choice for quality heart and vascular care in our region, receiving local, regional and national recognition, and we serve as educators for countless physicians and technical staff from the region.

As we look back over 40 years of service to our community, and the exciting years to come, it is clear that our commitment to the community, quality outcomes, patient care, innovation, and collaboration have served us well. We pledge to honor these traditions with respect, care, competence and joy as we evolve to meet the future needs of heart and vascular care in Illinois.

Prairie Cardiovascular cardiologists provide specialized heart and vascular care in more community locations than any other cardiology practice in Illinois. Additionally, specialized programs like Stat Heart allow patients to be transported from the community emergency room directly to an interventional cardiac catherization suite in Springfield, Carbondale or O'Fallon within 90 minutes to ensure patients receive prompt and effective treatment. Prairie is one of the largest cardiology practices in the United States, with a stable patient population and continuously expanding network.

Quality Outcomes
Prairie's commitment to quality beings with leadership and permeates through all levels of operations and patient care. We focus on enhancing the overall quality, control and productivity of our care delivery process, introducing targeted initiatives in areas like qualify of care, patient safety and nursing practices. We define healthcare "quality" as consistently achieving optimum health outcomes and patient satisfaction levels, and our numbers support our work. Prairie consistently rates among the highest practices in patient satisfaction across the nation.

Patient Care
There is nothing more important and sacred than the responsibility of the caregiver to their patient. All that we do and all that we create is filtered through the mantra, "What is best for the patient?" These activities encompass more than clinical interaction and extend to issues of patient safety, confidentiality, well-being and disease prevention. Additionally, our cardiologists have a high degree of autonomy in shaping their practice.

True innovators know there is no point in doing anything if you're not constantly striving to do it differently, better, more imaginatively and more efficiently. Prairie has a reputation for innovation, often being the first provider of the newest technology in Illinois. We focus on innovation through the following actions:

  • Developing partnerships with communities, physicians and providers.
  • Participating in multiple research opportunities through Prairie Education and Research Cooperative (PERC).
  • Encouraging physician and colleague participation.
  • Growing through new product, process or service development.

Collaboration enables us to accomplish a shared vision using joint resources across our networks in Illinois. As a member of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), we have a wide range of collaborative partners throughout Illinois, including:

  • The Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois brings together community hospitals and Prairie Cardiovascular to improve patient care, accessibility and quality.
  • The Prairie Stat Heart and Stat Stroke programs collaborates between Prairie Cardiovascular and community hospitals to speed treatment for patients from rural areas experiencing a heart attack or stroke.
  • The Prairie Diagnostic Center creates an outpatient facility for heart and vascular diagnostic testing. It is a convenient and highly accessible facility with a patient-centered design.
  • The Ornish Lifestyle Program partners with the local FitClub to offer the only cardiac rehab program that has been clinically proven to reverse heart disease and significantly reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, body mass index, and blood pressure.

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