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Deck V is a rapidly growing private multi-specialty group that provides much needed medical support to underserved communities. Deck V Tele-Physicians exclusively use the Innovator Health (IH) telemedicine platform to deliver care. The IH telemedicine system broadcasts the physician to the patient's bedside in their life-size form, in 3-D, and with direct eye contact. The experience is so real and natural, the patient often remarks, "It is just like you are in the room!" (See video link below.)

I founded Deck V in 2019, at the request of our Innovator Health customers as a sister company to IH. I am an internal medicine physician with over 15 years of practice as a hospitalist. IH was started based on my clinical experiences in Afghanistan. I was a new physician in a very austere environment, and it was amazing to have military colleagues around the world help provide a higher level of care.

When I returned home from Afghanistan, I saw some of the same challenges in rural America that I experienced halfway around the world. However, there was no network of physicians to lean on when I had a difficult case. I wanted better for my patients and for myself. There was no doubt telemedicine could work from a clinical perspective, but I was concerned about how I could interact with my patients through a TV.

The IH team set out to create the most life-like telemedicine interaction, ensuring we could always develop a strong patient rapport. It was through that work, that our customers asked us to also help find physicians to deliver telemedicine care for their patients. Thus, the birth of Deck V.

Deck V is a physician owned virtual group practice. Our team of physicians work from a HIPAA compliant space in their home or office and interact with patients that are in professional medical environments such as hospitals, ER’s, behavioral health units, ICUs, and clinics. Deck V physicians are provided all the equipment needed to deliver the richest clinical experience for both the physician and patient. Best of all the IH physician technology is simple, intuitive, and requires almost no training to learn.

Deck V physicians have remote access to the client hospital’s medical record, where they place orders, review records, and write notes as if they were onsite. Exams are facilitated using digital stethoscopes and cameras with the help of a trained bedside attendant. In the rare case that the complexity requires help with a hands-on physician, there is always a physician onsite available to help with the examination. Deck V physicians can do more than 90% of non-procedural work from anywhere in the world and an internet connection.

I cannot begin to share with you how liberating it is, from a quality-of-life perspective, for us to do what we do. Getting to work from home and to experience life with our families, more often than every other week, has been amazing. The compensation is competative too.

Now, we are looking for more amazing physicians to join our team and help us grow even bigger. Here are the qualifications:

  • Board certified in either IM or FP
  • Minimum of 10 years of hospitalist practice
  • Clean background
  • Amazing bedside manner
  • Excellent clinical skills
  • A quiet and professional HIPAA compliant work environment
  • High-speed internet connection

We are currently seeking one fulltime hospitalist and up to three parttime hospitalists. If you are a good fit in the group, there are even opportunities to become a partner and help us build an amazing practice. Deck V pays for all licensing, credentialing, and malpractice with tail.

Please reach out to me with any questions. Thanks for your interest and service during these challenging times!


Darren J. Sommer DO, MBA, MPH

Darren Sommer DO, MBA, MPH Image Darren Sommer DO, MBA, MPH
11516 Oakhurst road
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(833) 463-3258
(833) 463-3258
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