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At CardioSolution, we believe in putting our patients first, and we are looking for professionals who share that same passion. We employ only the highest caliber of physicians and healthcare professionals.

We offer outstanding opportunities for you to excel professionally while maintaining a healthy balance between work and play.

With CardioSolution, you will enjoy:

  • Our unique 7-on/7-off work schedule – When you’re off, you’re truly off. No call, no pagers, no disturbances at all!
  • Competitive compensation with RVU bonus structure
  • All licensing, travel, and housing expenses are on us
  • Medical malpractice and tail coverage

What our physicians are saying:

  • “I was devoured by my huge practice, tired of the group, hospital, and local politics and looking at approaching age 60 without having had much fun in life. I quit. I started locum tenens work, dialing in as much work as I wanted, at least in theory. In reality, there were periods of famine, when jobs were scarce or when an assignment ended unexpectedly, and compensatory periods when I got worked like a rented mule trying to make up for lost income. Then, CardioSolution appeared. Predictable, reliable work in a place where I had a house, not a hotel. I could leave my creature comforts there: bicycle, clothes, stuff. I could build a practice again in a place where folks were so grateful to have me around (as opposed to being one of many cardiologists). Professional satisfaction while working 26 weeks a year. I went from burnout to happy again. This is a GREAT lifestyle, so good that I keep postponing retirement.”
  • “When I’m at work, I don’t have the distractions of home, so I am the best doctor I can be; when I’m at home, I don’t have the distractions of work, so I am the best husband and father I can be." 

Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Washington
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