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Community Neonatal Associates is a group of neonatologists, pediatricians, and neonatal nurse practitioners that provides care for premature and sick infants within the Holy Cross Health System. With close to 10,000 births annually, including nearly 1,500 high-risk deliveries, ours is the largest neonatal intensive care program in the state of Maryland.


Our dedicated team works collaboratively with neonatal nurses, therapists, dietitians, social workers, chaplains, and care coordinators to provide optimal care for babies with a broad range of conditions, including extreme prematurity, birth defects, and surgical conditions, including complex congenital heart disease.


Due to the myriad needs of our patients, we partner with other specialists at Children's National Medical Center and in private practices to provide the best comprehensive care for our patients and families.

Our services include:

  • Prenatal Consultation

  • Feeding and Breastfeeding Support

  • Social Work Services

  • Care Coordination

  • Never Alone Program

  • Spiritual Care


Family-centered Care

We embrace a partnership between staff and families in all aspects of care. We encourage parents to be present in the NICU and participate in hands-on care of their infants right from the start, including doing "kangaroo" (skin-to-skin) care as soon as is safely possible. We strive for clear and open communication at all times. Families are updated throughout the day and night by the nursing staff and daily by the medical team on their infant's specific progress and plan. Families are welcome and encouraged to participate in weekly multidisciplinary rounds.


Breastfeeding Support

Breast milk provides optimal nutrition for infants and is a critically important part of the care of premature infants, in particular. We encourage mothers to pump breast milk while their infants are too small or sick to breastfeed, and then we help mothers and infants learn to breastfeed together. Our nurses are highly experienced in supporting breastfeeding, and we have certified lactation consultants who work with mothers to optimize breast milk production and, eventually, breastfeeding itself. We provide bottles, labels, and in-hospital freezers to store breast milk for our infants, and we assist families with obtaining a breast pump to use while their infant is in the hospital. 


Clinical Excellence

We are committed to clinical excellence for each and every baby. Our NICU participates in several research and quality improvement networks, including the national Vermont-Oxford Network and the Maryland Perinatal Research Collaborative.

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