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Med Staff Matters, LLC recruits physicians and mid-levels for our clients’ organizations throughout the United States. We serve the needs of group practices, single and multi system hospitals, expanding solo, or group practitioners , specialty hospitals and community-based programs. We attribute our success to being in the business long enough to realistically assess the likelihood of satisfactory completion, being able to filter through the niceties of interviewing to find out what the issues, and obstacles are to a successful recruitment, and understanding that wasting time for the sake of being engaged with a client or candidate is not going to help anyone achieve their goals                    
We focus on trying to make a match based on the mutual interests and needs of both candidate and employer. The goal is to make a lasting match, rather than throwing a deal together for a short term gain.

Why use a recruiter?  

• We can present you directly to the hiring authorities, the VP’s, the recruitment Committee many times bypassing the online registration, or HR.
• We can tell the hiring authority your story, your motivation, and all the reasons why they need to take a close look at your candidacy
• We can tell you some of the details about the job that a job post may not elaborate.
• We can monitor the recruiting process and give you updates.
• We can bridge the communication gap between you and the employer preserving the future relationship as the process and negotiations move forward.
• There is never a charge for our services. There is no obligation or contract to use our services. 
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Most physicians are too busy to find every available opportunity in an area, much less if they are open to many areas around the country. We strive to connect interested parties with the goal of forming a lasting relationship. If we are successful the employer, physician, community, patients, and ourselves win!

Med Staff Matters... because matching the right physician to the right opportunity is of the utmost importance!

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