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TMS Health Solutions is an integrated psychiatric group practice that frees patients from the burden of depression with compassionate care, traditional treatments and the most innovative, FDA-approved therapies available, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Led by nationally recognized experts in psychiatry, our practitioners provide the highest standard of care while continually seeking the most advanced therapies for our patients.

Our team is also reinventing the office-based psychiatric service model by providing one-stop access to integrated treatment with caring, respectful practitioners and staff in a comfortable, contemporary setting. We offer psychotherapy, medication management, and other non-invasive, evidence-based modalities like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a highly effective therapy that relieves depression with minimal side effects.

We appreciate that the decision to seek help can be a difficult one. Our practitioners believe that effective and open communication with patients, their families and other providers is key to a trusting relationship and proper diagnosis. They provide the knowledge and support to help patients make informed, practical treatment decisions that minimize or eliminate depression as quickly as possible.

Our physicians and staff work in a collaborative culture, with ongoing professional education, schedule flexibility and reduced administrative demands. This environment enables them to provide patients with highly individualized care and the latest treatment options.
Our growing practice is located in Northern California, with plans to open several additional offices along the West Coast.

Our Values

  • TMS Health Solutions fosters a culture of excellence and requires the highest levels of professional education, standards and behaviors from its physicians and support staff.
  • TMS Health Solutions benchmarks all processes thoroughly to ensure consistent high- quality outcomes and to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on brain health therapies.
  • TMS Health Solutions practitioners and processes operate with full accountability and transparency to patients and their families as well as the medical profession and local communities in which we serve.

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