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AMITA Health Behavioral Medicine 
                      Southwest and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

AMITA Health’s extensive Behavioral Medicine organization offers comprehensive, compassionate and respectful care for adults, seniors and adolescents who are experiencing emotional, psychiatric, behavioral or addiction issues or disorders. Our dedicated team helps those in need return to their optimal functioning and move forward with family life, work, school and other activities. Our specialized programs aim to restore wellness, stability and independence, through prevention and early intervention to treatment and aftercare. Perhaps you or a family member has struggled for years with mental health issues, addiction, or an eating disorder. Or, maybe life has just become more difficult to handle recently. Whatever the struggle, we can help.

Offering inpatient and outpatient services, clinical psychiatric research and therapeutic day schools, AMITA Health’s unmatched Behavioral Medicine organization encompasses a multidisciplinary staff of board-certified psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, addictionologists, social workers, nurses, counselors, expressive therapists, teachers and more.

Our outpatient practice location are located in the southwest and northwest suburbs of Chicago and inpatient programs located in Bolingbrook, GlenOaks, Hinsdale and Hoffman Estates, IL.    

Our mission is to help individuals of all ages learn practical ways to manage mental health and substance abuse problems. When life hurts, call us - we can help.