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Located 14 miles west of Clinton is Foss State Park. Foss is known for its spectacular sunsets. Foss Lake boasts 60 miles of shoreline and some of the best camping in Oklahoma. The park offers six recreational vehicle campgrounds and a 17-mile multi-purpose trail. Clinton is also home to the Route 66 Museum, Oklahoma's oldest Indian trading post multiple parks, golf courses and theaters, as well as an outdoor amphitheater.

AllianceHealth Clinton is a 56-bed acute care facility located in the heart of western Oklahoma. It's in Custer County, 90 miles west of Oklahoma City and 140 miles east of Amarillo, Texas. The hospital started operating in 1909 inside the Jetted Building on Frisco Ave. An actual hospital building was built in 1914, and the hospital moved to its current location in 1976. AllianceHealth Clinton is frequently recognized with awards and certifications for outstanding care and quality services such as consecutively winning the VHA Leadership Award for Clinical Excellence. Some of the finest physicians in the state take care of their patients with the utmost care and skill available. A combination of board certified physicians and the latest technology make the hospital one of the most well respected facilities in the area.

AllianceHealth Clinton has the only stroke center in western Oklahoma, and its Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation unit is the only inpatient acute care rehabilitation facility in the area. The hospital is also proud to offer intensity modulated radiation therapy, known as IMRT. This state-of-the-art cancer treatment method delivers high doses of radiation directly to cancer cells in a very targeted way that is much more precise than conventional radiotherapy.