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“Joining Apogee’s Travel Team has actually allowed me to spend more quality time with my family - I am home two weeks each month with absolutely no distractions or calls. It takes the balancing act of family and work out.”

“I enjoy living in New Jersey, but Hospitalist are paid little and treated poorly, Apogee’s Travel Team allows me a salary, schedule, and satisfaction that I could never get here”

“My wife is in residency in Chicago, we want to move when she graduates, so I joined Apogee’s Travel Team so I could work in different areas of the country and hospitals. Now I have a better idea of what’s out there for my family when we make a permanent move.”

“My kids are in high school and don’t want to move, but the job opportunities in my town are not what I am looking for. Apogee’s Travel Team satisfies me and my family.”