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Banner Alzheimer's Institute: A New Standard of Care
For patients and their families, health professionals, researchers and scientific collaborators, Banner Alzheimer's Institute (BAI) is a leading destination for Alzheimer's disease care and treatment through research.

BAI was established in 2006 as Banner Health's first Center of Excellence. Banner Health is one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in the United States. Our team is uniquely, passionately and strategically committed to ending Alzheimer's without losing another generation and to providing an unparalleled model of care for families facing this devastating disease.

Alzheimer's disease takes a catastrophic toll on patients and their families. That's why Banner Alzheimer's Institute (BAI) has established a new standard of care that provides ongoing hope and help for patients and their families. BAI not only delivers groundbreaking research and medical services, we offer non-medical services and innovative programs to address the needs of patients and caregivers throughout the course of the illness.

We are a destination center for patients and families in Arizona and the nation by providing the following:   

  • Complete medical, neurological and neuropsychological evaluations in our Stead Family Memory Center
  • Unrivaled support services for patients and families to help identify, anticipate and address both their medical and non-medical needs as fully as possible
  • Access to comprehensive information and resources
  • Medication and non-medication treatments for patients' cognitive and non-cognitive behavioral problems
  • One of the world's largest clinical trials programs, giving patients access to the most promising investigational treatments in research studies
  • Access to one of the world's leading brain imaging programs for the study of Alzheimer's
  • Specialized outreach programs for underserved and understudied minority communities.

Our Vision

At Banner Alzheimer's Institute (BAI), we envision a world without Alzheimer's disease.

We are a leading international resource for Alzheimer's treatment and care with an urgent and remarkable mission: To end Alzheimer's before another generation is lost.

BAI's scientists aim to attack Alzheimer's at a preemptive stage, before symptoms surface, and then to immediately apply research advances to benefit patients. Our clinicians provide a comprehensive and compassionate standard of care to both patients and families.

Our Center of Excellence is open to anyone affected by Alzheimer's, other dementias and related memory disorders. It is a place where patients and families can form partnerships and be supported with innovative approaches to medical treatment, family support, engagement with community resources and services and access to cutting-edge clinical studies.

With our pioneering collaborative research on early identification and experimental treatment of Alzheimer's, we can offer access to the most promising new therapies in the shortest time possible. Given the studies under way, we are optimistic that an investigational treatment can be identified to stop Alzheimer's in its tracks if administered early enough.

BAI: Where hope begins and Alzheimer's ends.

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