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Parkersburg, WV is a wonderful community of about 90,000 residents. It is centrally located in the Mid-Ohio Valley along the Ohio River. Seventy percent of the nation's population is within a 500 mile radius. While it is within easy driving distance of major metropolitan areas, it provides a family-friendly lifestyle that larger urban areas can't offer. Low crime, quality education, advanced technology, excellent, cultural attractions along with a variety of recreational activities make the Parkersburg area a great place for a work, life balance.

Parkersburg, WV is a place where you will not only find opportunities for professional fulfillment, but also personal gratification as well. An exemplary school system, a solid and diversified economic base, a family-friendly atmosphere coupled with a progressive vision of our health care system will prove to provide an auspicious lifestyle.

Parkersburg, WV can fulfill almost any desire. Art exhibits, musical performances, sports and outdoor adventures can all be at your finger tips. With these features along with one of the nation's lowest crime rates, you can see why this area ranks as one of the nation's best places to live.

Camden-Clark Medical Center is a 327 bed, not-for-profit acute care facility that serves a population of over 170,000. CCMC also has a 25 bed skilled nursing unit. Accredited by The JCAHO, CCMC provides a broad range of services supported by advanced medical technology and a highly trained staff.

There are over 220 Physicians at CCMC that represent virtually all major specialties including internal medicine, surgery (general, orthopedic, vascular, cardiothoracic, and neurosurgery), oncology, anesthesia, family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency services, pathology, radiology, and radiation therapy. Supporting these physicians are more than 1,700 employees and 586 volunteers.

Camden-Clark offers a variety of community education programs and seminars, including diabetes education workshops, television forums, CPR classes, first aid classes, cancer seminars, and cardiac rehabilitation education.

Our Pediatrics Department is centered on the philosophy of Family Centered Care, designed to promote the family involvement thought critical to the child's recovery.

Our Special Delivery Unit is designed with the single-room LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum) concept in mind, meaning one spacious, private birthing suite for the entire hospital stay.

Our designation as a Community Comprehensive Cancer Program by the ACS Commission on Cancer is reflective of our commitment to provide the finest in cancer care.

The CCMC Emergency Department provides 24-hour physician coverage and is a Level Three Trauma Center.