Cheyenne VA Medical Center

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The Medical Center at Cheyenne provides primary and secondary inpatient services in medicine and surgery as well as outpatient services in medicine, surgery and psychiatry. Presently, the Medical Center has an operating bed level of 21 hospital beds: 12 general medical beds, 5 intermediate beds and 4 general surgical beds. The Medical Center also supports a 50-bed Nursing Home Care Unit located within the main hospital building. Cheyenne maintains a Regional Office on the grounds of the Center, and Community Based Outpatient Clinics in Fort Collins and Greeley, Colorado, and Sidney, Nebraska.

Partners and Education

As a teaching hospital, Cheyenne VAMC provides a full range of services, with state-of-the-art technology as well as education and research. Cheyenne VAMC is primarily affiliated with the University of Wyoming*. We offer residency training in all major medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties. Associated Health Training is offered in nursing, psychology, audiology, social work, dietetics, and pharmacy. Each year, Cheyenne VAMC funds medical and nearly one dozen dental resident slots. We also train nearly 400 students in these slots. Training is also provided to over 400 nursing and associated health trainees.