Christus - St. Frances Cabrini Hospital

Job Description


Job Title:  Medical Director

Department:  Healogics Specialty Physicians

Prepared By:  Healogics Specialty Physicians™


Summary: The position is best suited to a physician executive with a strong desire to focus their practice in wound care with the ability to not only provide clinical care to patients, but to serve as a physician leader responsible for the clinical, operational and financial results of their Wound Care Center®.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Clinical Support:

  • Provide a high level of quality clinical care to patients.
  • Complete all documentation and coding on the date of service, complying with all governmental and private payor regulations.
  • Participate in the initial and ongoing clinical education programs, including competency evaluations.
  • Serve as a resource for consultation and referral for providers from other disciplines.
  • Understand the Clinical Practice Guidelines and adherence to standard of care.
  • Ensure compliance with policies and procedures, local medical staff rules, regulations and bylaws.
  • Ensure high levels of patient satisfaction.
  • Conduct and lead the program’s weekly Leadership Meeting.
  • Participate and lead the program’s medical surveillance review and performance improvement process.
  • Ensure timely and accurate completion of medical records.
  • Check email correspondence daily and respond.
  • Adhere to appropriate billing and coding practices.

·          Support the program’s requirement to remain compliant with pertinent accrediting and regulatory agencies.

  • Support implementation of the Healogics™ Quality Safety Plan (QSP). This includes collaboration with Healogics™ VP of Quality if modifications to the QSP are needed to ensure compliance with local medical staff rules, regulations and bylaws.
  • In cooperation with hospital administration and company policies, review and respond to any complaints and grievances and recommend or take corrective action where appropriate, in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations of the Hospital or Hospital’s Medical Staff, as the case may warrant.
  • Serve as liaison with affiliated medical institutions for services required such as hospitalization and emergency medical services.
  • Participate in meetings and conferences as required by the Regional Medical Director, Area Vice President and corporate officers.
  • Participate in regional and national conference(s) related to wound care improvement or new wound care information.
  • Facilitate adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines and the Hospital/Medical staff patient care policies.
  • Ensure appropriate HBO chamber quality and safety, including appropriate documentation of approved indications, physician supervision requirements, and presence of appropriately trained safety director appointed for the Hyperbaric Unit.            


Educational Support:


  • Pursue all reasonable efforts to encourage physicians and nursing personnel to adhere to Healogics Clinical Practice Guidelines as well as hospital policies pertinent to care in the center.
  • Supervise clinical services provided by all program staff and provide in-service education programs as necessary.
  • Provide continuing wound care education to the staff and community, including new advances in wound healing and new product reviews.
  • Serve as an educational resource for the medical, nursing and administrative staff.
  • Promote his/her personal clinical development though self-directed and continuing medical education.


Operational Support:


  • Act as an advocate for the WCC® and encourage patient referrals from the local medical community.
  • In cooperation with Healogics™ and Hospital, enhance the marketability of the wound care program through community education.
  • Provide regular formal presentations to various audiences (i.e., medical staff meetings, hospital department meetings, grand rounds presentations, local medical and community organizations, service clubs, etc.) to enhance visibility of the  WCC® and support local medical and community education and awareness.
  • Actively schedule and participate in one-on-one discussions about the wound care program with primary care and surgical specialties.
  • Communicate with new patient referring physicians via phone calls and written communication of treatment plan and progress.
  • Act as spokesperson for wound care program services when local media opportunities arise.
  • Support the joint effort of Healogics™ and Hospital in drafting and implementing an annual business plan.
  • Participate in hospital administrative meetings as necessary, including the Annual Business Review.
  • Build appropriate relationships with interdisciplinary specialties to ensure appropriate and timely consultative patient care needs.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of Healogics™ resources including medical, clinical and operational support teams and be able to access and direct these resources appropriately to the betterment of the Wound Care Center


Additional Duties:


  • Act with integrity as related to the corporate code of ethics in all actions representing the company
  • Work effectively with Healogics colleagues and partner hospitals
  • Adapt to corporate and industry changes as necessary
  • Engage in self-development through corporate training and coaching, and through participation with professional associations
  • Continually assess Healogics policies, processes and procedures to ensure they continue to meet on-going departmental and business requirements