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At Esse Health we value physician autonomy and satisfaction. Our physicians build their practices and uphold the Esse Health vision of providing the best care, service, and satisfaction available as part of a large, fiercely independent group. All physicians join on a track to partnership allowing you the freedom to focus on the practice of medicine while our business teams support your practice in all operational areas. At Esse Health you choose your journey and define your success. 


About Esse Health

  • Fiercely Independent Physician-Owned and Managed Multi-Specialty Group Created in 1996
  • 49 Locations within St. Louis Metro area and growing
  • 125+ Physicians, 75+ Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
  • Organization specialties include:  Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Allergy & Immunology, Radiology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, and Urology
  • Care Management support team includes:  In-Practice Health Coaches, Dietitians, Home Health, Transition Care, Behavioral Health Referral process, Facility Case managers, High-risk disease management programs, Hospice/ Palliative care, and much more.
  • Disease Management Programs: Diabetes, Heart Failure, COPD, Obesity, Palliative C.A.R.E Program, Wellness Program
  • Practice Support Services - EMR (NextGen), IT/ Security, Revenue Cycle Management, Clinical Programs, Credentialing, Human Resources, Coding/Compliance, Quality, Practice Operations, Finance/Accounting, Purchasing, In-House Legal, & Marketing



“Leading the Healthcare Community by Placing Patients and their Physicians at the Center of Health Decisions”

We, the physicians and staff of Esse Health, fulfill this mission by:

  • Partnering with our patients to understand and participate in their healthcare;
  • Focusing energy and resources on producing optimal health outcomes for our patients;
  • Providing the best healthcare value and customer service; and
  • Equipping ourselves and our patients with the highest quality information and support in preventative care and disease management.


Our Vision aligns very well with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “Triple Aim.”

1. Better Care – Improve Healthcare for All Patients

Improving the overall well-being of our patient population.
Highest quality care, service and satisfaction.
Continuous improvement and innovation.
Use technology to measure, track and improve healthcare quality.

2. Enhance Patient Experience

Highest quality care, service and satisfaction.
Patient education, lifestyle modification and prevention.

3. Healthcare Cost Management

Develop new medical and business culture that addresses increasing medical costs.




Communication: Exchange ideas and information through open, candid communication at all levels to achieve common goals and deliver expected results.
Understanding: Appreciate opposing viewpoints and perspectives.
Tolerance: Demonstrate a shared ownership, open to diversity that enhances our ability to grow.


Work Environment: Create a positive work environment where our team can exceed clinical benchmarks and standards of care.
Stewardship: Understand patients’ needs and be aware of resources available to fulfill these needs.
Best Practices: Share best practices across all segments of the organization.


Responsibility: Accept responsibility for actions and decisions.
Proactive: Reach out to patients and the community to help improve clinical outcomes.
Measurement: Be open and accepting of performance measurements.
Documentation: Demonstrate quality, thoroughness and timeliness in medical record documentation.


Goal Driven: Measure performance against clear goals, objectives and expectations.
Innovation: Use technology and quality data sharing to provide evidence-based informed care.
Empowerment: Maintain an environment that encourages and rewards creativity, participation and solutions.


Honesty: Demonstrate candor with every interaction.
Honor: Always be fair, honest, ethical and trustworthy.
Do the Right Thing: Always do what is right, regardless of the consequences.


Collaboration: Engage in participatory decision making.
Cohesiveness: Integrate skills and resources among individuals, departments and offices.
Community: Passionately work as a team on programs devoted to community improvement.

These core Values represent the REALITY that is Esse Health.