Moncrief Army Community Hospital, its affiliated clinics and dentalclinic are located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, near the city ofColumbia.

As the capital of South Carolina, Columbia is a cityrich with history and culture.Columbia’s love of the arts is visiblein its theatres, galleries, dance companies, orchestra, arts schools andoutdoor murals. The Koger Center for the Arts, Township Auditorium andColonial Center provide performances from around the world includingsome of today's biggest stars, shows and entertainment events.Columbiaoffers historic homes, a wide array of festivals and concerts.TheUniversity of South Carolina provides academic enrichment along withcontinuous cultural and sporting events.Residents enjoy challenginggolf courses, the riverbank zoo and botanical garden, and numerous parksand recreation facilities.Nearby lakes and rivers offer rewards forthose who enjoy boating, fishing, canoeing and kayaking.