Fort Leonard Wood VA Clinic

Fort Leonard Wood VA Clinic Logo The Fort Leonard Wood VA Clinic is an Outpatient clinic serving veterans in Waynesville, MO and is associated with the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital in Columbia, MO.

Waynesville, now acity of over 4,000 residents, was established in 1833. It was named forthe famous Revolutionary War hero, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne. It is theoldest town in Pulaski County. Waynesville is rich in history andabounding in folklore. Most of the native population in this area came bywagon train from Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North and South Carolina,and some from even further south. Historic Route 66runs through the center of Waynesville adding charm and nostalgia to thetown. Waynesville is a neighbor to Fort Leonard Wood U.S. military training base.