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Change your perspective. Fall in love with medicine again. Travel the world. Or stay in your own backyard. For many doctors, answering the call to locum goes well beyond medicine. It's the dream of adventure and travel. It's the dream of taking your family along for the joyride. It's the dream of working a little less or working a little after retirement. It's a dream we can make a reality for you.

Leave the adventure to us, we'll leave the medicine to you.

As a locum tenens doctor, you'll earn a competitive income that will allow you to travel about and soak up the experience. Locum assignments also enable you to see how doctors in other parts of the country - or other parts of the world - deliver care in different practice settings.

We currently offer assignments in most specialties throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and the United States and its territories. Most of our assignments are in attractive, yet under-serviced communities where your skills ensure healthcare for those who need it most. And our options continue to expand.

Thousands of doctors have chosen Global Medical Staffing for their life-enriching locum experience, and some of them have ultimately chosen locum tenens as a permanent lifestyle. Ready to start your own adventure?