Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center is the premier, chemical dependency treatment facility in the Detroit metropolitan area, for problems associated with drugs, alcoholism, gambling and other issues. Located on a peaceful, wooded setting, Maplegrove provides a safe environment to retreat from the pressures of daily life and sort through the problems associated with substance abuse and addiction.

Specialized services include:

Abuse and addiction
Chronic pain
Gambling addiction
Opiate detox with suboxone
Outpatient detox
Relapse program

Maplegrove offers programs tailored to:

Healthcare professionals

As part of the nationally respected Henry Ford Health System, Maplegrove Center has provided a beacon of hope since 1981. Our clinical care services are equally effective, whether you are unsure if an addictive disorder is present or you have been dealing with one for many years. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment is provided by highly experienced, knowledge and caring staff. In fact, we strive to provide each patient the quality of care and comfort we want for ourselves and our families.

Additionally, Maplegrove offers nationally recognized support services to family members, including children, who are often affected when a loved one battles addiction.