Hospital - West Maryland

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This 55-bed hospital in western Maryland serves 40k-50k residents.   150 Medical Staff members – all Board Certified.   The hospital is about 1 hour from Morgantown, WV; 2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA; 3 hours from Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Nature takes center stage in this County. It’s home to both the highest mountain and the largest freshwater lake in Maryland. You’ll see boats of all sizes on this beautiful lake. Cabins and lodges are available to rent year-round. In the summer, nearby vacation resorts offer recreational sports such as boating, fishing, kayaking and water skiing.   You also have access to public piers and can dine at restaurants right on the water. The county’s natural environment – including lakes, forests and waterfalls, makes it a haven for outdoor recreational activity.   Maryland’s only alpine ski resort is located just minutes from the hospital. It offers year-round recreational options: winter sports -- skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing – as well as biking, fishing, kayaking and golf.