Hughston Orthopedic Hospital

Since 1984, the Hughston Orthopedic Hospital has provided our communities excellence in orthopedic and rehabilitative care. Because we are a specialty hospital, we are able to focus exclusively on orthopedic-related needs.

The Hughston Campus is the result of one man's dream of a world-class orthopedic referral and research center. One that would improve the treatment of activity related orthopedic conditions and disorders not just for athletes but for people from all walks of life. The dreamer was the late Jack C. Hughston, M.D. His dream is now a reality because of the efforts of hundreds of professionals who caught his vision and shared it. The Hughston Campus is known for its expertise in the treatment of conditions and disorders of the knee, hip, shoulder, hand, elbow and the back and spine. Patients from across America and around the world visit Hughston for diagnosis and treatment.

Hughston Orthopedic Hospital was the nation's first hospital designed specifically to treat patients with musculoskeletal injuries or disorders. Today, the 100-bed, private room, specialty hospital is nationally recognized for delivering outstanding clinical quality and the highest levels of customer service. Fully accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), Hughston Orthopedic Hospital provides excellence in comprehensive orthopedic care and rehabilitation services through a highly specialized team of professionals using the latest technology and research to care for people of every age and ability and every level of musculoskeletal injury or disorder.