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ICE Medical Facility

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The ICE Health Services Corps (IHSC) exists within the organizational structure of the United
States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations
(ERO) under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The United States
Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps Officers, civil service staff and contractors
comprise the healthcare professionals working together to provide quality healthcare services.
IHSC serves as the medical experts for ICE for detainee health care.

IHSC’s mission is to provide medical care to maintain the health of individuals in the custody of
ICE through an integrated health care delivery system, based on nationally recognized
correctional, detention and residential health care standards. The Agency is committed to
providing healthcare services to protect the nation’s health, reduce global disease and provide
medical support for the law enforcement mission of the safe apprehension, enforcement and
removal of detained individuals involved in immigration proceedings. IHSC is committed to
ensuring a system of care that is ethical, responsible, and accountable through rigorous
surveillance and monitoring activities.

1. Provides direct care to patients within discipline Scope of Practice and performs functions in
accordance with current accepted practice, licensure, certification, credentialing and or granted
2. Provides treatment of persons throughout the life span as appropriate to discipline and
facility setting.
3. May be expected to respond to and or coordinate response to medical emergencies.
4. Prescribes and monitors psychiatric medication treatment services including monitoring the
side effects of medication and/or adverse reactions.
5. Offers comprehensive psycho-educational information with each medication/somatic
treatment regarding the patient’s mental illness, emotional disturbance or behavior disorder,
treatment goals, potential benefits and the risk of treatment, self-monitoring aids, and identifies
support groups for therapeutic assistance.
6. Utilizes the evidence-based algorithms for decision-making regarding patient assessment and
medication management.
7. Utilizes Assessment of Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) is used if identified treatment
carries the risk of inducing a movement disorder.
8. Adheres to medical standards in accordance with IHSC policies, American Psychiatric
Association standards, and legal requirements.
9. Determines the need for core treatment and specialty services for identified patients in a full
range of psychiatric problems.
10. Performs various diagnostic and treatment procedures, including cognitive and behavioral
psychotherapy, supportive individual and group psychotherapy, somatic therapies (including the
use of traditional and atypical drugs).
11. Provides professional, recovery based psychiatric care considerate of cultural and ethnic
diversity and focuses on empowering individuals to change their own lives.
12. Assures patients are treated with dignity and are consulted when evaluating and/or revising
treatment and services.
13. Utilizes evidence-based practices to promote recovery, reduces stigma and unconditionally
enhance the quality of life.
14. Assures a positive therapeutic milieu exists during treatment and emphasizes recovery goals.
15. Participates in comprehensive performance improvement and utilization management plans
to include:
• Quality and appropriateness of services,
• Evaluation of patient-based functions,
• Decreasing the escalation of healthcare costs, and
• Improvement in patient outcomes.
16. Prepares or oversees the preparation of documentation, testimony, and written orders needed
for care, treatment, medical records, legal actions, referrals, performance development,
credentials/privileges, and administrative requirements.
17. Provides expert guidance to the Director and other staff in all matters pertaining to mental
health treatment (modalities and medications), and mental health programs both domestic and
18. Analyzes public health care trends, in the mental health area, of related special population
groups and assists in developing and implementing policies and guidelines to improve mental
health services of such groups.
19. Assumes responsibility for the non-psychiatric medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment
of patients for whom she or he is responsible in the absence of non-psychiatric physicians in
emergency situations and within incumbent’s competency and scope of practice.
20. Provides clinical supervision to mental health staff.
21. Spends at least 60% of time in direct patient care to meet the performance targets set by the
22. Provides specialized medical services to “outpatients” and provides medical care to
inpatients in facilities with a short stay unit. Specific duties involve all aspects of health care
delivery. The incumbent will work in concert with both facility staff and consultant specialists in
various clinical areas.
23. Acts as a mental health consultant to medial staff, providing oversight and direction related
to the provision of mental health care.
24. Examines and orders appropriate diagnostic testing and provides necessary treatment and/or
medications as required. Refers selected cases to consultant specialists when necessary. Refers
residents requiring hospitalization to a community hospital and to an appropriate admitting
25. Ensures that proper evaluations and treatments are carried out and documented. Incumbent
shall constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of patient care, providing data to the
departmental Performance Improvement program, and other agencies or committees as required.
26. May be required to see patients who are not in the category of his/her expertise but within his
or her scope of practice.
27. Assures proper maintenance of medical records, preparation of reports, etc., as related to the
area of responsibility. Makes recommendations on matters of policy, procedures, training,
personnel, and equipment as related to specific area of responsibility.
28. Performs record keeping functions in accordance with program policies and position.
29. Maintains functional proficiency and ease of use utilizing electronic health records as
required by, and appropriate to, position.
30. Completes and passes all discipline specific competencies testing, initially and annually.
31. Completes all initial, annual and ad hoc training as required/assigned.
32. Maintains patient confidentiality, and confidentiality of medical records, in compliance with
the Privacy Act and HIPAA regulations in all work activities.
33. Adheres to, and maintains awareness of, IHSC Policies, Procedures, Directives, Operational
Memoranda and accreditation standards as prescribed by ICE/IHSC.
34. Adheres to, and participates in, IHSC’s Safety, Prevention, Infection and Control, Quality
Improvement, Patient Education and other programs and collateral duties as appropriate to
35. Attends and participates in general/medical staff meetings.
36. Other duties as assigned.


ICE Medical Facility Locations:


  • 79 Holder Road, Lumpkin, GA 31815
  • 1623 East J Street, Tacoma, WA  98421
  •  830 Pinehill Rd, Jena, LA 71342