Innovative Primary Care in Gilbert Arizona

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About the Practice:

Our team of medical professionals works hard every day to bring the best quality of care possible. We focus on education, prevention and support the connection between health and habit. Dr. Levitt also created a healing atmosphere at Innovative Primary Care because she believes a person’s surroundings has a great effect on how a person feels. “I wanted to create a calming, welcoming environment where not only our practitioners feel the importance of health, but our patients can feel calm and cared for from the moment they walk in.” We have one MD, two PA’s, one NP, one NMD, one JSJ, and a full office staff and the EMR is e-Clinical.


About Gilbert Arizona:

Gilbert Arizona is one the fastest-growing large cities in the country. Our practice is located just minutes from the Phoenix Airport, University of Arizona, and Arizona State University. Discover Gilbert.