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KCG Healthcare Recruiting works extensively with you to understand your qualifications and career goals.  We provide you with opportunities from a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, group practices, academic institutions and private practices. Our success is measured by matching you with the right employer.

We offer highly personal service and unparalleled commitment. Our healthcare recruiters are results driven and possess excellent communication skills, integrity and ethical behavior.  In today's extremely competitive marketplace, KCG Healthcare Recruiting will not only meet your needs, we will exceed them.

Our mission is to hold faith, integrity and honesty as our most important principles on all levels at the highest ethical standard.  Achieve standards of excellence, which we will be the benchmark of industry.  Strive to work to help people and businesses in the medical field to realize their full potential.  Everything we do will reflect this mission and the values that make it possible.

Our vision is to successfully provide the tools and prepare our staff, through adequate training, to professionally communicate with all of our clients.  We will create a positive atmosphere and passion that promotes open dialogue.  We believe that communication is the key to assisting others accomplish their goals.  We strive to communicate in an efficient, friendly and open manner in order to build long term relationships with our clients, team members and applicants.

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