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“Since becoming a part of the Surgical Affiliates team, I only worry about taking care of my patients. I’m relieved of all the business side of running a practice and now have the priceless gift of being able to focus on being a surgeon, with a quality of life I could never have had in private practice.”

— Paul Reichman, M.D., Surgical Affiliates Surgeon


Located in the heart of Kern County, Kern Medical provides the only Trauma Center for 100 miles in any direction. 


Bakersfield is a busy metropolitan area with a small-town feel. Located two hours north of Los Angeles in California’s San Joaquin Valley, our community is centrally located to access some of the state’s best attractions, from world class beaches to the high Sierra mountains.

Our county is economically driven by agriculture, oil, aerospace, and logistics. The City of Bakersfield has a population of 350,000, while Kern County is home to over 864,000 people.

The climate in Bakersfield is warm with long summers. In fact, it is ranked as one of the sunniest cities in the United States. Bakersfield enjoys long-lasting, mild autumns and early springs, with brief, cool winters. Rainfall averages only 6.5 inches annually, mostly falling during winter and spring. The mild climate allows for many outdoor activities.

It’s a great place to live with a relatively low cost of living and easy access to everything in California.