Medical Center of Stafford

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We offer general medical care for patients of all ages and would be honored to serve as your family doctor. Our physicians can do routine gynecological care, PAP smears and comprehensive physicals.

We perform minor surgery in the office including suturing of wounds, removing ingrown toenails, moles, warts, skin lesions, casting and care of uncomplicated fractures.

We provide some in-office lab testing including throat strep screens, urinalysis and pregnancy testing. Other testing services performed in the office include X-rays, EKGs, hearing tests, spirometry and breath alcohol testing.

We are proud to provide DOT and FAA physical evaluations, specimen collection for drug screening, care for on-the-job injuries and filing Workers Compensation reports.

The Medical Center of Stafford was established in 1984. All of our physicians are board certified in Family Practice. The American Board of Family Practice requires periodic re-examination to insure its members are current in their knowledge of new diagnostic and treatment procedures. Our physicians have maintained their board certification and collectively represent over 95 years of practice experience.