Milo C. Huempfner VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic

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The Department of Veterans Affairs started a new chapter of healthcare in the Green Bay area with the opening of the new and vastly improved Milo C. Huempfner Outpatient Clinic. The two-story Green Bay clinic has 161,525 square feet and 1,200 parking space and more than 300 healthcare providers treating up to 20,000 Veterans. On-site outpatient services include primary care, behavioral health,and a wide variety of medical and surgical subspecialty services.

Welcome to four seasons of exploring, adventuring, and enjoying all there is to do in Wisconsin. Who knew Wisconsin was a premier destination for lighthouses, waterfalls, caves, world class fishing, re-living (and making) history, professional sports, and the arts at their finest. Here in Wisconsin we have a knack for balancing the traditional with the cutting-edge, always seeking and finding new ways to have fun.

Green Bay is Wisconsin’s oldest settlement. The very first visitors to Greater Green Bay were successful entrepreneurs. From beaver pelts for European hat makers in the 1600s, to the invention of the world’s first splinter-free toilet paper in the early 1900s, our ancestors used the area’s waterways to grow the community’s prosperity. Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, Green Bay was, and continues to be a major shipping center. The city’s largest employers remain the paper and shipping industries. With continuous development in Green Bay and its surrounding communities, the area boasts a progressive atmosphere from industrial parks to shopping districts.

Residents who move away to another city, often return home for the quality of life, family-friendly values and strong business community – not to mention the area’s contagious spirit and personality. When you visit us, we’re confident you’ll love what you find.

*Information borrowed from the GreaterGreen Bay 2015 Official Visitor's Guide and