Mobile Medical-Dental Unit

The mission of Mobile Medical & Dental Services is to provide healthcare services and education for remote populations with minimal opportunities to improve their health.

Medical Services:
Our medical programs are primarily focused on exams for migrant children done during the school year. We also offer free services, including blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, plus blood sugar checks. Sports physicals may also be scheduled at certain locations and are available for a nominal fee.

Immunization Clinics:
Childhood immunizations and flu shots for children and adults are provided. Fees vary depending on the type of immunization.

Dental Services:
Urgent dental treatment is provided for those who are experiencing pain. Specific services include emergency examinations, x-rays, restorative care and extractions. Sliding fees are available. Most private insurance and qualified medical coupons are accepted.

Health Fairs and Education:
We pride ourselves in reaching out to our communities and teaching children and their families about good health at community and school events. The goal is to empower them to make informed decisions about their own healthcare.