NCH Healthcare System

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The NCH Healthcare System is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation serving Collier County and surrounding areas. NCH has evolved over the last fifty years, becoming one of the most progressive healthcare systems in the country, embracing new technology and evidence-based medicine. NCH offers a wide range of services, physicians and locations. More than just hospitals, the NCH Healthcare System is an alliance of over 500 independent physicians and medical facilities in dozens of locations throughout Collier County.

Our physicians see patients about 3 million times a year. Patients visit our two hospitals for care about 25,000 times a year. We celebrate the birth of about 2,800 bouncing new babies annually. Our 24/7 ERs and several outpatient centers help patients 200,000 times a year.

In addition to our two hospitals, one in downtown Naples and one in North Collier, we are fighting cancer at the NCH Regional Cancer Institute and heart disease with NCH Regional Heart Institute's Code Save-A-Heart Program, through the use of explicit proven protocols, to save more lives and achieve one of the lowest mortality rates in the country. The Foglia Stroke Center located at the Naples campus was opened in February 2003 bringing innovative, intra-cranial clot busting techniques, dubbed the "Brain Attack Program", to victims of stroke. The General David H. and Shirley A. Baker Women & Children's Pavilion at the North Collier campus, houses all obstetrical, newborn and pediatric services, and the NCH Healthcare System remains committed to providing quality family-centered maternity care.