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New Hampshire Hospital has a long tradition of caring for people with mental illness. We provide acute, inpatient psychiatric services for children, adults, and the elderly who need active treatment and other essential supports within a continuum of community-based care. Specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided for 2000 patients each year, keeping our 168 beds full. Half of hospital patients are discharged within ten days.

Approximately 600 staff includes board certified psychiatrists, general medical services, specialized nursing, allied clinical, administrative and support personnel.

To meet our patient’s needs, our goal is to provide for smooth access to services; safety, sensitivity, and compassion in daily care; skill and attentiveness from physicians/residents and nurses; timely, helpful therapies; accommodation of family needs and visits; a clean, restful environment; adequate food and nutrition; timely, clear aftercare planning; and our patients to have an overall feeling of improvement on discharge. This represents a standard of care we would want for our loved ones and ourselves.