Northwest Hospital

The Medical Director is vital to the success of the Wound Care Center® (WCC). Joining the Program Director (PD) and the Clinical Coordinator (CC) as a member of the center’s leadership team, the Medical Director is responsible for the oversight of medical services rendered as well as the quality of wound care provided.

Delivery of Medical Care
The Medical Director will-
Pursue all reasonable efforts to encourage panel physicians and nursing personnel to adhere to Healogics Clinical Practice Guidelines as well as hospital policies pertinent to care in the center.
Support the PD and CC in the professional development of clinical and administrative staff. This is a shared responsibility of the Leadership Team and includes continuing education and adjudication of clinical matters as they pertain to wound care delivery in the center.
Serve as a resource for consultation and referral for providers from other disciplines.
Quality Assurance
The Medical Director will-
Support the center’s requirement to remain compliant with pertinent accrediting and regulatory agencies.
Participate, along with the PD and CC, in regular review of various clinical and operational indicators of center performance. This surveillance includes, but is not limited to :
o Center Weekly Leadership Meetings (agenda attached as Exhibit A)
o Center Monthly Leadership Meetings (agenda attached as Exhibit B)
Support implementation of the Healogics™ Quality Safety Plan (QSP). This includes collaboration with Healogics™ VP of Quality if modifications to the QSP are needed to ensure compliance with local medical staff rules, regulations and bylaws.
Actively chair and conduct the center’s monthly Panel Physician Meeting (agenda attached as Exhibit B)
In cooperation with hospital administration and PD, review and respond to any complaints and grievances and recommend or take corrective action where appropriate, in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations of the hospital as the case may warrant.