Oak Street Health - Glendale

Oak Street Health is a rapidly growing company of primary care centers for adults on Medicare in medically-underserved communities where there is little to no quality healthcare. Oak Street’s care is based on an entirely new model that is based on value for its patients, not on volume of services. The company is accountable for its patients’ health, spending more than twice as long with its patients and taking on the risks and costs of their care. For more information, visit  http://www.oakstreethealth.com.

A privately held, Chicago-based company, Oak Street Health recently closed its Series D round of financing led by General Atlantic. We have attracted a top-tier management and physician team focused on our mission of excellent care for older adults.  Oak Street has enjoyed widespread recognition in the press, including the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst, Modern Healthcare, Stateline, and the Chicago Tribune. The future is bright for our company and for our patients.

Oak Street Health’s focus on quality patient care is the future of medicine, and we’re excited to be leaders in this field. What’s better for patients is better for Oak Street, and that’s the way it should be. Better every day.