Oregon Medical Group

Oregon Medical Group Logo Oregon Medical Group is a primary care based multi-specialty group with more than 100 physicians and 13 neighborhood clinics through out the Eugene and Springfield area.

More than one out of every three people in the Eugene metro area sees an Oregon Medical Group physician as their primary care provider. 

You’ll Love the Willamette Valley.

First, let's dispel the myths about the rain around here. Yes, it can be rather precipitous, but the sun does shine in the Willamette Valley. A lot, actually. Annually, we get less rainfall in Oregon than they do in Alabama. Plus, we have the distinct pleasure of being home to the web-footed, University of Oregon Ducks.

Education comes first

New community members quickly discover that education is a top priority in the area. From research doctorates at the University of Oregon to Montessori pre-schools, Eugene and Springfield offer some of the nation's best schools.

The public schools offer non-traditional programs including half-day immersion programs in French, Spanish or Japanese. These programs run kindergarton through high school. If you're interested in exloring Waldorf or Montessori educations for your kids, those are available, too.

More than 30,000 students attend classes at Lane Community College every year, including their Nursing Associates Degree program. The University of Oregon is well-known for its science and research programs, along with its football team.

If you have questions about neighborhood schools, enrollment, volunteer opportunities or specific classes, just ask and we'll direct you to the right people.

Home is where you hang your bike

One of the first things you'll notice about Eugene and Springfield is the bike lanes. They're everywhere. So no matter what neighborhood you choose to call home, there's probably a bike lane running right through it or nearby. And that bike lane connects with countless miles of other bike lanes throughout the county. If you want to get to work by bike, you can. And you won't have to risk your life doing it.

Whatever kind of home you are looking for, there's bound to be a shape, style and price to fit your needs. We can put you in touch with one of the area realtors who will give you a tour of the neighborhoods, tell you about the schools, show you all of your options and help make the move easy.

Fun for the whole family

There is a lot for a family of any size to do right here in Eugene and Springfield. Get out and see nature in action, take in a show at the Hult Center, attend one of the many festivals, or simply go shopping. When you first move here, your new peers will likely show you around or give you some direction on where to go and what to see. A year or so down the road, it'll be your turn to share what you know. By then, you'll be a well-rooted local.