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The Robley Rex VA Medical Center is located in Louisville, KY. Louisville is located on the Ohio River. The city is a thriving metropolis with a population of around 1,400,000, making it the largest city in Kentucky and the sixteenth largest in the United States. Ideally situated in north central Kentucky, it is near mountains and lakes and is within a day's drive of most of the large metropolitan areas of the central U.S. Quality of life is highly rated due to moderately-priced and plentiful housing, ease of commuting to work, availability of quality public schools, outstanding cultural opportunities, and exciting annual Kentucky Derby Festival events.

Louisville is home to a number of annual cultural events. Perhaps most well-known is the Kentucky Derby , held annually during the first Saturday of May. The Derby is preceded by a two-week long Kentucky Derby Festival , which starts with the annual Thunder Over Louisville , the largest annual fireworks display in the nation. The Kentucky Derby Festival also features notable events such as the Pegasus Parade, The Great Steamboat Race , Great Balloon Race , a marathon , and about seventy events in total. Esquire magazine has called the Kentucky Derby "the biggest party in the south."

Distance from metropolitan cities: 155 miles to Nashville, 268 miles to Chicago, 107 to Indianapolis
Distance to nearest airport: 9 miles