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Salem Health Advanced Wound Center

The Salem Health Advanced Wound Center manages wounds to make sure they heal quickly and completely. 

We treat:
• Diabetic wounds
• Pressure ulcers (sores)
• Wounds caused by circulatory issues
• Nonhealing surgical wounds
• Traumatic wounds
• Infected wounds

Working with your primary physician, we follow a complete set of wound care procedures to address
your exact needs.

Your medical team is made up of wound specialist physician; a team of nationally certified wound care nurses; and a friendly, helpful support staff. They are dedicated to healing the whole you, not just your wound.

Our clinical approach focuses on rapid healing while also addressing the underlying causes of your wounds. We use methods that are proven to work for most people and most wounds. You can expect a personalized treatment plan followed by education focusing on self-care, nutrition and exercise to prevent wound problems from coming back.

Treatment consists of all or some of the following:
• Thorough cleaning and removal of devitalized tissue
• Infection control
• Compression therapy
• Negative pressure wound therapy
• Biological cellular tissue

Whether you have a diabetic wound, a pressure ulcer (sore) or a nonhealing wound, we have the multidisciplinary team of health professionals to help.

From our convenient first-floor location, to private treatment rooms, to warm blankets on hand whenever you need them, the team at the Advanced Wound Center cares about your comfort during healing. 

If you have questions about your care at any time, we are more than happy to answer them. Call us at 503-814-4638. 

Infusion Services

Salem Health Infusion Services helps patients who require an IV to receive their medication. Examples include chemotherapy, blood transfusions and certain pain medications.