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At Sanford Clinic, our reputation of excellence is founded on our talented team of dedicated physicians, and we believe they are the cornerstone of healthcare. With more than 800+ primary and specialty care physicians in over 110 locations, Sanford Clinic is the largest, most comprehensive physician practice in the region. These practices are all networked by our state-of-the art EMR system called OneChart.


The Best of Both Urban and Rural Living - The City of Sioux Falls is one of the fastest growing areas in the Midwest, currently totaling over 250,000 in the greater Sioux Falls area. Sioux Falls is the largest city in the state, balancing an excellent quality of life, a strong economy, and a safe, clean living environment. The cost of living is competitive with other leading cities in the region, and because South Dakota has no state income tax, Sioux Falls' employees take home more of their earnings. Sioux Falls offers all the amenities of a community twice its size with traditional Midwestern values!

Location & Travel - Sioux Falls is located in the southeastern corner of South Dakota at the crossroads of Interstate 29 and 90. Located 270 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, 180 miles from Omaha, NE, and 380 miles from Kansas City, MO, Sioux Falls offers excellent opportunities for those who like to travel, the opportunity to drive to numerous locations within a day s time. For those who like to travel via, the air the Sioux Falls Regional Airport offers 22 combined flights daily to Chicago, Denver, and Minneapolis on national carriers.

Education - Sioux Falls offers residents of diverse ages and academic levels a variety of options for primary, secondary, postsecondary, and continuing education. These options include the area's network of some 30 public and 15 non-public; schools; universities; vocational technical schools; and business colleges.

Recreation - Sioux Falls has opportunities for everyone. Sioux Falls is the host to Sioux Falls Spitfire Soccer, Stampede Hockey, Sky Force Basketball and many other sporting events. The Big Sioux River Recreation Trail offers more than 16 miles of paved trails for those who enjoy walking, rollerblading, and cycling. The Sioux Falls area has a multitude of public parks throughout the city, many with additional recreation opportunities.

The Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science is the region's newest cultural, educational, and entertainment facility. The Pavilion features the Husby Performing Arts Center, Kirby Science and Discovery Center, Wells Fargo CineDome Theater, and Visual Arts Center. The Great Hall seats 1,835 people with acts including touring Broadway productions, music concerts, and dance programs. For more information about the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science please check out