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Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

Known as the home of extreme pioneer and American war hero David “Davy” Crockett, Lawrenceburg has the same upbeat energy and attitude of the man best known for his tasseled buckskin clothes and coonskin cap. The people at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System (STRHS) - Lawrenceburg share Crockett’s energy and passion when it comes to providing healthcare services to their hometown.

Population: 11,000

The Hospital

Located in the heart of Lawrenceburg, STRHS - Lawrenceburg is a 99-bed acute care facility that provides medical services to the people of Lawrence County and surrounding areas. A healthcare leader in the community, the hospital offers a host of services including outpatient surgery, a 24-hour emergency department, intensive care unit, and a 10-bed physical rehabilitation unit. The hospital is proud of recent upgrades to its growing diagnostic imaging department that now offers an in-house MRI and nuclear medicine capabilities, as well as CT-scan, X-ray, digital mammography, and ultrasound. The team in Lawrenceburg has a special passion for rehabilitation and provides physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

STRHS-Lawrenceburg is dedicated to providing friends and neighbors with the healthcare they need close to home. What makes the hospital special is its outstanding staff of healthcare professionals who are well-trained, highly skilled, dedicated, and above all else, caring. STRHS - Lawrenceburg is a fully accredited by The Joint Commission and is an accredited Chest Pain Center through the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care, the accrediting arm of the American College of Cardiology.

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The Community

Named for a highly successful American war fighter named James Lawrence, Lawrence County is a progressive, energetic, and fast moving community that maintains one of the best economies in the Tennessee Valley. Covering 12.6 square miles, the town is the largest on the Tennessee – Alabama border between Chattanooga and Memphis. The people from Lawrence County will tell you it’s their “Davy Crockett” frontier spirit that helps them stay ahead of the curve.

With a diverse variety of businesses, a shared commitment to recruit successful franchises, and a deep desire to grow and perform with a high level of excellence, Lawrenceburg is known for driving progress. Individuals from neighboring communities often travel to Lawrenceburg for recreation, taking advantage of the many parks, shopping and dining opportunities around the historic town square.

The spirit of Lawrenceburg can also be felt in the highly successful youth sports leagues, the strong chamber of commerce and the county’s ever improving public school system. Whether you’re enjoying the bounty of Lawrenceburg’s lush outdoor activities or spending time indoors at one of many art functions, Lawrenceburg has a knack for bringing excellence into every venture.


Lawrence County is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. The town offers a great public park system, a myriad of natural resources, and abundant wildlife, all in accord with a long-standing desire to live in harmony with nature. With four distinct seasons most people enjoy 10 months of outdoor activity while the hardcore can find great hunting, fishing, and hiking year round. If you enjoy great southern gospel music, uptown shopping, farm to table dining, and living for the finer things in life, you should visit Lawrence County, Tennessee.