Spectrum Health - Big Rapids, Michigan

Big Rapids is most fortunate to blend the arts, recreation and culture of larger communities with the family environment of a mid sized town to create an advantageous City in which to live and raise a family. Many of the local amenities come from Ferris State University, a college of over 13,000 students, which is located along the southern edge of town. Students, professors and educators bring a dimension to the community which encourages acceptance of newcomers and new ideas. The University, known throughout the nation as a training ground for both academic and trade pursuits, drives much of the economic success which thrives here.

Big Rapids is located in Mecosta County approximately 45 minutes North of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is the largest city in Mecosta County with an estimated population of 12,000 people. Big Rapids is home to Ferris State University.

Mecosta County truly is the “County for Every Season.” There is no better place to work, raise a family or vacation. The County’s prospering rural economy allows our residents to enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and a high quality of life. The diversified economy of Mecosta County is centered on agriculture, higher education, retail and a broad range of manufacturing provides a high level of economic stability.

A beautiful place to visit, you will find Mecosta County to be a relaxing and fun experience for the whole family, with our golf courses, parks, and countless water activities. Mecosta County is located in western Michigan, and its central location makes it appealing for those seeking to explore our wealth of natural resources. Mecosta County is a serene vacation spot and a welcoming, safe place to call home for both families and businesses.

The area offers a wide range of activities such as golf, hiking, bicycling, shopping, dining and sightseeing. Inner tubing or canoeing on the Muskegon is a fun relaxing activitiy for all to enjoy.