St Augustine VA Outpatient Clinic

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The Leo C. Chase Jr. VA Clinic is located in St. Johns County, provides a broad range of general and specialized medical, psychiatric, nursing, women's health, social work, and ancillary services for the primary care patient in a community-based clinic. A full-time podiatrist also provides wound care services. The interdisciplinary staff is dedicated to remaining a patient-centered, integrated health care organization for Veterans. Using a primary care delivery model, patients are assigned to specific caregivers for health care planning and follow-up. The VA Clinic provides an interdisciplinary team model directed toward health promotion, disease prevention, management of acute and chronic medical conditions, referral to specialty care, and coordination of patient health care needs across the continuum. The clinic has applied the PACT concept of care:

Partnerships - between Veterans and health care teams
Access to care - enhanced through a variety of methods
Coordinated care - among all team members
Team-based care - with Veterans at the center of their PACT

This clinic serves acute and chronically ill eligible Veterans aged 18 to greater than 100 years. Veterans requiring hospitalization are assessed, stabilized, and transferred to either local facilities or the Gainesville or Lake City VA Medical Centers according to the urgency of their needs. Procedures or specialty care not provided by this clinic are referred to other facilities within the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System. Veterans in the St. Augustine CBOC have access to specialty care clinics and education sessions via Telehealth.

During off-hours, Veterans are referred by the Patient Information Handbook and telephone recording to the nearest emergency room or VA Medical Center according to the urgency of the health care problem.


Prescriptions are mailed to Veterans