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When the court deems necessary through the pre and post hearing process, a juvenile found to be delinquent may be court ordered to a secure institutional setting.  Juvenile Justice Institutional Services is comprised of two major programs; the Youth Services Center and the Youth Detention Services Unit.

John H. Sununu Youth Services Center

Juveniles placed in the Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC) range in age from 13 to 17 years old. When a youth is committed to SYSC a systematic process is used to classify and assign youths to a secure residential unit where they participate in a prescribed behavioral program. The program encompasses academia, cottage life and group sessions. Progress in all three spheres is measured using a rating system with progress regularly communicated to the youth. Program completion and ultimate eligibility for release and parole from SYSC is determined by the youth's progress in addressing identified problem areas and program goals based on assessment by the youth's Program Team. The Program Team is comprised of a unit clinical coordinator, resident house leader, youth counselor, education representative, juvenile services officer, parent or guardian and the youth. The average length of stay prior to initial release from SYSC is 8-12 months.

A NH juvenile may be committed to the SYSC subsequent to being adjudicated as delinquent by a NH District Court.

Youth Detention Services Unit

The Youth Detention Services Unit (YDSU) is a 24-bed co-educational secure detention center that houses youth up to 17 years of age who allegedly committed delinquent offenses and are awaiting disposition of their cases by the courts. YDSU also detains youth wanted in other states in accordance with the provisions of the "Interstate Compact." Most youth are detained for less than 48 hours, but others may remain longer awaiting court dispositions, placements and release to home state or adult certification. Residential staff provide for secure care and respond to youths' recreational needs. All detained youth are provided with close supervision for the duration of their stay.

A juvenile may be committed for placement at the Youth Detention Services Unit following an arrest for a delinquent offense and the issuance of a NH District Court order.

John H. Sununu Youth Services Center Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Information

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 is a Federal Law that was established to address the elimination and prevention of sexual abuse in correctional and juvenile facilities. PREA establishes a zero–tolerance, proactive and preventive standard for the incidence of sexual abuse in confinement settings in the United States.