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Tabor City, North Carolina is located in Columbus County in the southeast corner of the State. Tabor City was founded as a rural market town on the Atlantic Coast Railroad. Our history as an agicultural center can still be seen today with our fields of corn, lumber yards, and grain silos. The municipality has a population of 2,600 and is located within 30 minutes of the Grand Strand (Myrtle Beach, SC and Brunswick County, NC).

While many people know us because we are the way to the Grand Strand, we are so much more than that. We are award-winning campgrounds, locally owned restaurants, muscadine wines, and family values. We are a friendly community, where you will always be greeted with a wave and a smile whether at a football game on Friday night or at the NC Yam Festival held each October.

While areas around us have changed with hasty growth, suburban lifestyles, and traffic jams, we have maintained our identity as a true southern town with our laid-back hospitality, sense of community pride, and nostalgic return to simpler times.