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The city of Corpus Christi has a positive growth rate and our plan is to take advantage of the location and the climate in our efforts to recruit and grow the practice. We are located on the Gulf of Mexico and in the southern part of Texas, so we are accustomed to a sunny and warm climate. TeamHealth’s Corpus Christi practice was established in July 2005, and we currently serve the largest not for profit health system in the area along with LTAC facilities. Ours is a group that emphasizes teamwork along with a positive attitude and, we are currently looking for additional Hospitalists to join our practice. The opportunities in this area are exceptional for building a very successful practice, and we anticipate growth for quite some time to come.

The Corpus Christi File


  1. Education. The Corpus Christi Independent School District focuses on being a world-class school system that develops students' hearts and minds.
  2. Real Estate. From master-planned communities to waterfront estates to golf course property, Corpus Christi offers many affordable choices for homebuyers.
  3. Family. Corpus Christi's neighborhoods offer a wonderful sense of community, and many child-friendly activities are planned throughout the city.
  4. Culture. Corpus Christi is home to many arts and cultural organizations, including theater and ballet groups, museums, galleries, and a symphony orchestra.
  5. Recreation. Corpus Christi's waterfront location facilitates activities like boating, fishing and swimming, and residents also enjoy golfing, hiking, tennis and biking.
  6. Weather. Corpus Christi's average temperature is just over 71 degrees, and the city is known for its smooth sea breezes and endless blue skies.

Corpus Christi Fun Fact
Corpus Christi began in 1838 as a frontier trading post, but the city didn't take on its name until 1847, when a more definite postmark for letters was needed.

TeamHealth - Corpus Christi: Christus Spohn South Hospital and Christus Spohn Shoreline Hospital.

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