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Located on the picturesque banks of the Grand River in Central Michigan, Lansing offers the excitement of city life combined with the charm and warmth of a small town. The state capital was recently awarded the “Five Star Quality of Life Quotient” by Expansion Management magazine.

Lansing in Brief
  1. Education. The Lansing School District focuses on educating its students to become knowledgeable, responsible, healthy and productive citizens.
  2. Real Estate. Lansing offers affordable housing options from single-family homes in suburban environments to downtown apartments and condominiums.
  3. Family. Lansing is a fabulous place for families, given its excellent educational institutions, great neighborhoods and reasonable cost of living.
  4. Culture. Lansing has numerous cultural attractions, including a symphony orchestra, theater companies, a ballet and dance company, museums, and an art gallery.
  5. Recreation. The Lansing River Trail is used for biking and walking, and residents enjoy a large park system, golf course, tennis courts and two municipal pools.
  6. Weather. Lansing has a Midwestern continental climate, with classic four seasons weather: snowy winters, warm summers, and amazing spring and fall seasons.
Lansing Fun Fact
Lansing Township was a sleepy settlement of less than 20 people until 1847, when it was named the state capital, succeeding Detroit, which was deemed too close to hostile British territory.

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