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Suffolk County, NY


The most eastern county in New York, surrounded by water on three sides. Part of Long Island (along with Nassau County). Ranks #21 on the list of most populous counties in the U.S. Divided into 10 different towns and numerous villages. Notable native: comedian Rosie O’Donnell (Commack)





Suffolk County, New York


Suffolk County in Brief

Suffolk County makes up the central and eastern portion of Long Island, located east of Nassau County and part of the New York metropolitan area. It’s an affluent suburban county offering a respite from the energy of the big city, in the form of lovely beaches and parks, local festivals, art galleries, wineries, and more.


The Suffolk County File

  1. Education. Suffolk Public Schools believe that all children are stars…and together its team helps them shine. 
  2. Real Estate. Suffolk County enjoys a strong housing market.
  3. Family. Suffolk County is a great place for families, given its many amusement parks, zoos, parks, beaches and other options for family fun.
  4. Culture. Suffolk County’s cultural scene includes art galleries, theaters, performing arts centers, museums, literary and historical societies, and arts councils.
  5. Recreation. Suffolk County is a recreation paradise, offering everything from canoeing/kayaking, swimming, and fishing to golf, cross country skiing, and hiking.
  6. Weather. Like other coastal areas in the Northeast, Suffolk County has warm summers and cool winters.


Suffolk County Fun Fact

Two Indian reservations are within the borders of Suffolk County, the Shinnecock Reservation and the Poospatuck Reservation.