The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial

The Children's Hospital at TriStar Centennial Logo

TriStar Centennial Women s & Children's is Middle Tennessee s first and only hospital dedicated solely to the care of women and children.

The hospital delivers 2,500 babies annually and is recognized nationally in breast cancer management with a new Breast Center currently under construction. The hospital is located on the Centennial campus of 37-acres in the heart of Nashville.

It has a Level III Neonatal Intensive care unit (60 beds) and a Maternal Special Care Unit for high-risk pregnancies. The Neonatologist and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist provide support and consultation to all of our TriStar hospitals. Houses a dedicated Neonate transport team/HROB transport system and the Perinatal Research Center.

Women s & Children s provides a full spectrum of diagnostic services (mammogram, tomosythesis (3D) ultrasound, breast ultrasound, breast MRI, stereotactic breast biopsy, ultrasound-guided core biopsy, MRI-guided biopsy)and the city s only 24/7 OB/GYN ED department.

Bariatric Surgery 20 years experience in weight loss surgery, multi-disciplinary team, 5,000+ weight loss surgery procedures to date Designated a Center of Excellence by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery.

The hospital of 155 beds consists of the following:

- 18 operating rooms/robotics

- Recently added an 11-bed pediatric unit, 8-bed PICU, 6-bed surgical unit under construction.