Community Benefits
  • Ketchikan, Alaska (population 7,400) is located in southeast Alaska
  • Ketchikan is 679 miles North of Seattle and 235 miles South of Juneau
  • Regarded as the rainforest of Alaska
  • Acclaimed as the salmon capital of the world
  • Ketchikan is situated along the panhandle, which is a 550-mile strip of coastal lands and islands with the Pacific Ocean on the West and Canada on the North, South, and East borders
  • The terrain consists mostly of mountains and water with an estimated annual precipitation of 180 inches
  • The 2.2 million acre Misty Fiords National Monument lies 22 air miles East of Ketchikan
  • Many outdoor activites like hiking, kayaking, hunting, and fishing 
  • Enjoy shops, museums, historic homes, and the community’s heritage
  • Enjoy a lunch or dinner at a mountainside restaurant with a spectacular view of the city
  • Many festivals throughout the year
  • Great public schools as well as two-year colleges in the area
  • A great place to live and practice for those who enjoy wilderness and wildlife