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The community of Martin was named for local landowner William Martin who donated a large tract of land for the right-of-way use by the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad.

  • Part of the University of Tennessee state university system, UT Martin employs approximately 750 full time and many part-time and student workers, making it the largest employer in the area.
  • With and enrollment of almost 6,000 students, UT Martin enhances both the economic and cultural climate by providing advanced educational opportunities seldom offered in a rural setting.
  • The City of Martin operates an impressive Park and Recreational Complex.

The city of Martin operates a primary school (K-2), an elementary school (3-5) , a middle school(6-8), and a high school (9-12), serving approximately 2,000 students.

  • The Martin public schools are part of the larger Weakley County School System which serves the surrounding communities of Dresden, Gleason, Greenfield, Sharon, and Palmersville. In all, the school system serves approximately 5,000 students in twelve schools.

The territory around Martin, and west Tennessee in general, is made up of level to gently rolling land.

  • Martin, Tennessee is a benefactor of the climate of the American South. Summertime is not limited by the calendar; swimming-degree days come in early to mid-May and last into October.
  • Spring comes earlier in the South bringing glorious greening to the abundance of foliage in Tennessee.
  • Fall stays later, extending warm days and crisp nights, all with a backdrop of the colorful changing of the leaves.
  • Winters are mild and relatively short with little or no snow.
  • With an abundance of lakes and rivers and natural areas, Tennessee is the perfect home for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • There are three major lakes within easy driving distance of Weakly County so water sports, fishing and hunting are popular forms of recreation in the area.
  • Reelfoot Lake and Big Cypress Tree are two State Parks in the area, helping families to have fun out-of-doors. Sharon, Tennessee, about seven miles south of Martin, features an 18-hole, 6308 yard golf course; there are four others within a 25-mile radius of the county.
  • There are several active Senior Citizen's Centers in the area and a multitude of city parks.