Workforce Management and Consulting Office

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Workforce Management & Consulting Office (WMC) is a diverse and dynamic office that provides leadership and superior service in developing and administering workforce practices for those who serve America's veterans. WMC provides VHA-wide leadership for workforce management functions including strategic human capital planning, executive recruitment and performance, labor management and labor relations, retention and recruitment, diversity and inclusion, operations and administration, as well as training and career development, and retention of a diverse, highly skilled, motivated, and effective workforce capable of accomplishing the Agency's mission.

Workforce Management and Consulting Office provide world class consultation and operational guidance to the VHA community to ensure an engaged and high-performing workforce to care for Veterans and their families.

WMC is committed to using best practices and innovation in the delivery of services to uphold the rich tradition of providing health care and other benefits to the Veteran heroes who have secured our freedom for over 200 years.

Core Values
WMC will strive to uphold the following core principles that represent the basic fabric of our organizational culture.

  • Results Driven
  • Forward looking
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Commitment