Ascension DePaul Services/DePaul Community Health Centers-New Orleans

Daughters of Charity New Orleans is now Ascension DePaul Services/DePaul Community Health Centers.  Being on the front line for delivery of service is nothing new to this organization. The early Daughters of Charity changed the way health and social services were provided in France. Later Daughters provided care to victims of the Civil War, Spanish American War and World War I.

The American Daughters of Charity date back to the 1800's when Elizabeth Ann Seton began a school and home for girls outside Baltimore, Maryland. Following in Mother Seton's foot steps, small groups of committed nuns took the healing ministry throughout America, establishing Hotel Dieu Hospital in New Orleans in 1834.

In 1992 the ownership of Hotel Dieu Hospital was transfer to the State of Louisiana. It became University Hospital and replaced inpatient units of "Big Charity" Hospital. In 1997 the Daughters of Charity Services of New Orleans was incorporated to perpetuate a Catholic health care presence in health care. The new ministry of community health services continues to work to improve the health and lives of the people of our community. A central purpose of DePaul Community Health Centers' mission is to improve access for persons of low income or without health insurance to primary care and preventive health services. 

Our Vision

The vision of DePaul Community Health Centers is to improve the health status of the community. We will advance the long tradition of health ministry to the people of New Orleans, especially the under-served, through the development of a values-driven organization dedicated to primary care and preventive health services, addressing the needs of the total individual – body, mind, and spirit.