Brighton Behavioral Health Center

Brighton Behavioral Health Center provides focused intermediate and long term care to children and adolescents with psychiatric and behavior disorders. All highly structured services are provided by multispecialty treatment teams of clinical staff and physicians.  Brighton is located within the city of Portsmouth, Virginia.

Portsmouth, Virginia is located directly across the Elizabeth River from Norfolk. It is served by Interstate 264 and 664part of the Hampton Roads Beltway and metropolitan area. The city features a large collection of historical buildings and homes history combined with major areas of redevelopment. There are beautiful miles of waterfront land through the region. Parks, diverse education systems, recreational activities, shopping, nice residential developments and cultural attractions are all amenities of this Southern Virginia city.

Brighton Behavioral Health Center is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services (UHS) one of the nation’s largest and most respected hospital management companies. The website can be accessed at the main UHS website  or .